The dark horse runs unnoticed at night (A poem)

This bit of mysteriousness emerged from somewhere… The scene of my surrender is one flight up from the sidewalk This is where I lived before the war that took you from me I couldn’t wait to leave but chose to stay My open-door policy trapped me inside I spent years here stashing away my secrets [...]

Lost poems and closely held secrets (A poem)

Off to a decent start this morning, thanks in part to the extra hour… Entire poems run through my head before I can write them down By morning’s light they’ve disappeared never to return All the eloquence I possess breathed in those lost lines of verse Awake here in the new morning the forgetting feels [...]

Before I settle down to work (a poem)

Tired this morning after spending an hour and a half in horrible Seattle traffic last night. I found myself turning to ordinary details… The odor of bleach gives way to the smell of fish and chips with a hint of vinegar I’d almost forgotten it’s Friday a habit I have every week, like clockwork the [...]