Here in the dark (a poem)

Going there on a Monday night…

Here in the dark
you can be
anyone I want you to be
you can say
whatever I want you to say
you can do
whatever I ask you to do

Here in the dark
I don’t have to be disappointed
when you don’t show
I don’t have to be angry
when you won’t go
I don’t have to tell you anything
I don’t want you to know

Here in the dark
I can imagine
that I’m in control
I can pretend
to surrender my soul
I can believe
that love is my goal

Here in the dark
I miss you more
than you’ll ever know
I remember when
I sat and watched you go
It all happened too fast
and the forgetting’s too slow…

Here in the dark
I go to sleep
and dream to forget
that here I am
all these years later
still living
in the dark

(8 December 2014)