National Poetry Writing Month, Day #16

Today’s prompt is to answer a questionnaire about a place (real or imagined), then write a poem based on one or more of the answers. I ended up writing about my immediate surroundings—more specifically, in the context of my decision to make this what I call a ‘quiet day’. That means no unnecessary conversation, and no devices whose [...]

Waiting for someone outside the door at the end of the hallway (A poem)

A scene from last night’s activities… The sign is ragged, torn with pieces missing ‘STAIRS TO M IN LEVEL’ I know which stairs those are I have no desire to take them no matter how many footsteps I hear from the floor above I do wonder, though when the thundering herd stampeding through the second-floor halls [...]

Time to grab a pick and start digging… (a poem)

It was a much quieter morning for me today than yesterday, even though I am still sneezing plenty. At least I had enough relief to enjoy some coffee and watch the first season of Girls (which I had not seen before) on Amazon Prime. I watch another one have another cup of coffee as I think about my life [...]

NaPoWriMo 2015, Day 10: Tangled threads (a poem)

Ugh! This was one of those days when I found it hard to get going. I was going to write an abecedarian poem, but I didn’t want to force anything, or have to resort to the ‘X marks the spot’ cliché. Quiet—very quiet—too quiet I can hear myself think the words drown out everything else holding [...]

Black-and-white foreign film (with subtitles) (a poem)

I wrote three poems last night while watching a Japanese film (ももいろそらを, a/k/a About the Pink Sky). They all had parts I liked, but none of them quite worked on their own. This morning, I combined and edited them into a single poem… When the world looks flat and shallow and devoid of color time [...]