Evidence (a poem)

Not waiting so long today… A pointer to truth enforcement of possibility hope for another chance at life The missing piece a chain from one pole to the other Fences or no fences— all my choice? Actions or reactions? Ignorance of the law Ignorance of rules Ignorance of ‘supposed-to-be’ Ignorance of limitations restrictions, barriers The [...]

Waiting for someone outside the door at the end of the hallway (A poem)

A scene from last night’s activities… The sign is ragged, torn with pieces missing ‘STAIRS TO M IN LEVEL’ I know which stairs those are I have no desire to take them no matter how many footsteps I hear from the floor above I do wonder, though when the thundering herd stampeding through the second-floor halls [...]

Bow Hill Road (a poem)

A familiar sight driving north on I-5 towards Bellingham and the Canadian border is the exit sign for Bow Hill Road… It’s been years since I last saw you Bow Hill Road every day another mile between us I remember an old photograph the blurry freeway sign as we drove on by in the rain [...]