The meeting has begun (A poem)

Yesterday afternoon… The slapback echoes as the door clicks shut Keys jangle footsteps walk off into the distance A whooshing comes from outside an unseen someone walks through the doorway before the slam of the door cuts off the sounds of the rainy afternoon A man stands up and begins to speak (12 December 2015—posted [...]

Waiting for someone outside the door at the end of the hallway (A poem)

A scene from last night’s activities… The sign is ragged, torn with pieces missing ‘STAIRS TO M IN LEVEL’ I know which stairs those are I have no desire to take them no matter how many footsteps I hear from the floor above I do wonder, though when the thundering herd stampeding through the second-floor halls [...]

In a room by the lake towards the end of the day (a poem)

An unusual move for me: I wrote this poem this afternoon, then read it at an open mic three hours later… I heard rattling and footsteps outside a man with a bicycle walked past the window the surface of the lake rippled next to the dock The clock on the wall stood at 11:14 the [...]