National Poetry Writing Month, Day #16

Today’s prompt is to answer a questionnaire about a place (real or imagined), then write a poem based on one or more of the answers. I ended up writing about my immediate surroundings—more specifically, in the context of my decision to make this what I call a ‘quiet day’. That means no unnecessary conversation, and no devices whose [...]

Weird dream stuff (December 2014)

I had a very strange dream last night/this morning… Some state agency did a study of the water supply in my area. The official conclusion was that blocking a particular waterway would increase the overall water supply. The state's Department of Transportation signed off on it, and a date was set. The day came. Although [...]

What I Really Want in My Next New Car

Dear Automotive Industry, For far too long now, you've been cranking out cars that, with very few exceptions (the Kia Soul, the Honda Element, and the Toyota FJ Crusier come to mind), look like every other car on the road. Back in the 1970s, when American automakers started taking advantage of the benefits of standardizing [...]