National Poetry Writing Month, Day #16

Today’s prompt is to answer a questionnaire about a place (real or imagined), then write a poem based on one or more of the answers. I ended up writing about my immediate surroundings—more specifically, in the context of my decision to make this what I call a ‘quiet day’. That means no unnecessary conversation, and no devices whose purpose includes producing sound (e.g., telephone, stereo, TV).

Today I let the silence in
transforming Cage’s 4′33″
into a day-long event

Through the open door to the balcony
I hear birds, the creek, a small plane
cars on the street nearby

Blue-grey clouds
square off against the sunlight
threatening rain

a potential downpour
to wash away the week
and drown out distractions

A conversation emerges
accompanies by machinery
construction must continue

Today I let the silence in
to quiet the noise
and frame the day

Under the blanket of silence
the unheard and unnoticed
may now have their say


(16 April 2016)


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