The illusion is always the same (a poem)

Written after encountering yet another selection (‘Forest Park’, ‘Willamette Valley’, and ‘Lake Billy Chinook’) of Travel Oregon commercials on Hulu. Guys, seriously: Don’t make me wait. Don’t make me choose. Just show the damn spot already… One of three always the same choice only in a different order No interest but no real choice always [...]

After those moments when throwing caution to the wind turns out to be a bad idea (a poem)

Monday-morning quarterbacking is sometimes necessary… When I say ‘fuck it’ and give in it inevitably has consequences appetite indulgence memory grown fuzzy around the edges a feeling that repetition and routine are sure paths to complacency and regret There has to be a way to toggle the switch to the other side where changes take [...]

‘The children are our future’ (a poem)

Thinking a bit this morning about that well-worn phrase of songwriters and politicians alike… We are their past We are promises unfulfilled We are promises broken We are the lies we tell each other to explain our feelings away to deny the reality we have created to convince those who see it that they don’t [...]

You have the right [to refuse] to remain silent (a poem)

Bonus round for today—if you have the right to remain silent, you also have the right not to… Anything you say may very well result in your premature death As long as this is the case you may as well speak your mind LOUDLY while you have the chance Because you have the right [to refuse] [...]