Oh, the irony!

Yeah, so I post my response to one journal’s opinion about publication indicating that you take your work seriously, and five minutes later, I receive notification that three of my poems will be published in the 2017 edition of Spindrift, the art and literary journal published by Shoreline Community College. If previous publication schedules hold, it should [...]

A long-awaited truth (A poem)

Back to the epistles again, after a short break. You are happy now, I cannot deny That’s a truth for which you waited long You need no more to wonder why For your heart now sings a brand new song writ of joy, unbridled and free That’s a truth for which you waited long Worry not, my [...]

The truth of the matter (a poem)

This is my second time using the Langston’s Titles prompt in The Daily Poet, by Kelli Russell Agodon and Martha Silano. The prompt presents the titles of a number of poems by Langston Hughes; the challenge is to use eight or more of them in a poem. The poem is to be about ‘something beautiful or something you wish would [...]