Black-and-white foreign film (with subtitles) (a poem)

I wrote three poems last night while watching a Japanese film (ももいろそらを, a/k/a About the Pink Sky). They all had parts I liked, but none of them quite worked on their own. This morning, I combined and edited them into a single poem…

When the world looks flat and shallow and devoid of color
time falls apart and breaks down amidst the stillness
the quiet feels a bit eerie—almost synthetic in a way

A crying face on the weeping wall
never explains its sorrow
it simply lets the tears flow freely

The conversation goes round and round
the conversation goes nowhere
I open my mouth, but I don’t answer

Nothing to do but throw stones into the river
wait for the words to be carried away by the breeze
On a clear night such as this, the cold settles in for a long, long stay…

(17 January 2015)