Saturday morning (a poem)

Today’s catch phrase is Holy crap! Because that’s what I have been saying all weekend. Also, it’s a new month, which means I need to come up with a new writing challenge. I think it is going to be simplicity—that is, simpler language, avoiding unnecessary descriptors or embellishments, keeping to the minimum needed to get the [...]

What is it about damaged people? (a poem)

The first couple of lines came to me in the car; getting it all down before resuming the editing job I’m working on… 1 Is it that like attracts like (we know our own kind) we want to give the kindness we wish we could receive or do we just believe we don’t deserve better— [...]

Pleasantville (a poem)

Continuing my verbless journey through May… Fire in the trees color, light, heat, ash Symbolism with intent a cocktail of confusion A sea change worlds in flux jazz afternoons blues in the night Fear of knowledge fear of youth Resistance—Pushback—Struggle—Conflict One way or another the inevitable resolution Lessons from the imagination (3 M3ay 2016)

The politics of division (A poem)

A small break from the pantoum. I did write one yesterday, but I like this short poem better… The way we run through here full speed you’d think we were being chased But we don’t know where we’re going the field is in disarray taken to fighting each other The house is dividing will the house [...]

Drifting keys (A poem)

Sometimes instruments go out of key… When the key drifts in and out I get confused I don’t know whether I should be worried or annoyed or impressed by the persistence of someone who keeps on going long after the guitar has gone out of tune After all, what is that based on— scales set [...]

Beneath the crown (A poem)

Trying something slightly different… Fetched far was the proposition Less of weight I felt as I waited for the results of wishes and work my way to come Sadly, there is no right of birth handed down from parents grand The facts of life are brutish and blunt rarely embellishing upon the tales of battles [...]

夢の歌 [Yume no uta] (Dream song) (a poem)

I heard a great song in my dreams last night. Too bad I can’t remember it now… When everything mashes together all at once the cacophony overwhelms my every sense confusion infuses the air around me A blend of voices catches my ear pure and simple is the song like I haven’t heard since 1991 [...]