Saturday morning (a poem)

Today’s catch phrase is Holy crap! Because that’s what I have been saying all weekend. Also, it’s a new month, which means I need to come up with a new writing challenge. I think it is going to be simplicity—that is, simpler language, avoiding unnecessary descriptors or embellishments, keeping to the minimum needed to get the thought across. I have a tendency to try to explain things and/or go off on tangents, so this will be tricky. Here goes…
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Sometimes, Good Things Happen

Between this and the other blog (The Lifelong Mixtape) I occasionally write, it’s probably obvious to even the casual observer that this has been a tough year. Unemployment, divorce, preparing to sell a house, and looking for a new place to live while also looking for a steady job—all at the same time? I don’t recommend it.

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Not Everybody Loved Whitney Houston

Over the last few days, the death of Whitney Houston has been a frequent topic of discussion.

The Grammy Awards included a tribute; clips from her videos have been shown on numerous TV shows; the usual tabloids and celebrity-oriented magazines have put her on their covers this week; and, perhaps most predictably, sales of her recordings have surged to the point where she has even been back at the top of the charts in some instances.

An oft-made assertion during all this is that everyone loved Whitney Houston.

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