Saturday morning (a poem)

Today’s catch phrase is Holy crap! Because that’s what I have been saying all weekend. Also, it’s a new month, which means I need to come up with a new writing challenge. I think it is going to be simplicity—that is, simpler language, avoiding unnecessary descriptors or embellishments, keeping to the minimum needed to get the thought across. I have a tendency to try to explain things and/or go off on tangents, so this will be tricky. Here goes…

It was dark
so details are fuzzy

The cat fell over the deck
when she slid off a table

My aunt hit her husband on the head
with a cast-iron skillet
which cracked in half
(clearly she used the flat part)

Wanda Jackson had a song about that
(the skillet, not the cat)
I saw it on YouTube this morning
after somebody posted a link
in the comments

These things killed my plans for the day
leaving me to sit and ponder
going back and forth between
laughter and confusion

The cat is napping in the window
My aunt is out on bail
holed up in a local hotel

All I know for sure
is nobody died

That’s something…

(1 August 2016)