Pleasantville (a poem)

Continuing my verbless journey through May…

Fire in the trees
color, light, heat, ash
Symbolism with intent
a cocktail of confusion

A sea change
worlds in flux
jazz afternoons
blues in the night

Fear of knowledge
fear of youth


One way or another
the inevitable resolution

from the imagination

(3 M3ay 2016)

3 thoughts on “Pleasantville (a poem)

  1. I really applaud you, you created a wonderful verbless poem. You know, I was thinking about you and your challenge today, smoking at the window, contemplating should I join you… I ended up being choked by a heavy rain of verbs!

    1. Thanks! It helped that I wrote it as I was watching the movie. Another one was not so successful – I slipped and used verbs on the second and third lines. Unfortunately, they were necessary for that poem to work…

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