What is it about damaged people? (a poem)

The first couple of lines came to me in the car; getting it all down before resuming the editing job I’m working on…

Is it that like attracts like
(we know our own kind)

we want to give the kindness
we wish we could receive

or do we just believe we don’t deserve better—
so we fall in together
until it all falls apart

That initial lightning strike
always puts us in a bind

do we give in to our blindness
or hesitate to believe?

We forget the road gets slick when wetter
becomes the weather
since we’re stuck with thirsty hearts

We like to think we like who we like
as if we know our own mind

when in fact we’re sort of mindless
slaves to what we perceive

like when we want to throw out the chain letter
but the warnings tug at our tethers
and we don’t know where to start

So we drag ourselves before the mic
wind up and unwind

throw out words pointless and priceless
(at different times both of these, we believe)

while inside our thoughts all scatter
as we try to keep it together
long enough to make our confessions art

(8 June 2016)