Beneath the crown (A poem)

Trying something slightly different…

Fetched far was the proposition
Less of weight I felt
as I waited for the results
of wishes and work
my way to come

Sadly, there is no right of birth
handed down from parents grand
The facts of life are brutish and blunt
rarely embellishing upon the tales
of battles told twice

Eyes crossed and less of pain
life during time of war
is but a litany of sacrifice and complaint
doing without for the sake of promises
to be at peace and free of trouble

Awaked to the light of morning
I check the clock for time of day
Reluctantly, I rise to my routine
an extra hour of sleep not to be had
less of rest to remain

Seventy-two hours falls the rain
that my steps I may mark
upon dry land
Except water, water everywhere
with time too scarce to think

(16 November 2015)