Rejection season has arrived!

Okay, it’s actually the first notices regarding competitions I have submitted my work to this year; it just so happens that the first two notices—one, really (I have not received the second notice, but the winners have already been announced via Twitter, so…)—are out, and my name appears among neither the winners nor the finalists/runners-up. [...]

My next book—it’s going to be a while…

I have recently compiled a new collection of poems. Titled The Ostensible Sloth of Distress, it contains (if my count is accurate) 67 poems in the usual five sections (plus prelude and postlude). The astute observer will be asking, Wait—didn’t he just publish a new book a few weeks ago? Yes. Yes, he did. The timing has [...]

A wordy post about my approach to poetry

Poetry I had something of an epiphany last weekend: I largely prefer hearing poetry recited to actually reading it. I’m surprised I didn’t figure this out sooner. After all, I have been going to poetry readings for about a year now—but I own very few books of poetry, and rarely seek it out online. Most [...]