A Brief Guide to Preparing Your Book for Self-Publishing

A lot of writers who self-publish take the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach. Often, this is not so much a choice as it is a necessity: putting together a book can be very expensive—potentially thousands of dollars. Doing as much yourself as possible can go a long way toward keeping costs down. The downsides to the DIY [...]

A wordy post about my approach to poetry

Poetry I had something of an epiphany last weekend: I largely prefer hearing poetry recited to actually reading it. I’m surprised I didn’t figure this out sooner. After all, I have been going to poetry readings for about a year now—but I own very few books of poetry, and rarely seek it out online. Most [...]

‘Dear Monday…’ Update (5/20/15)

At last, I have added a page to my web site for ‘Dear Monday…’. There you can find a brief description and links to the various places that carry it. (Amazon will show a bit of a delay for shipment of the paperback, as I have had to re-submit my cover file after discovering that they had [...]

‘Dear Monday…’ e-book available!

‘Dear Monday…’, my collection of love notes to the days of the week, is available in e-book form from Smashwords (ePub/Kindle) and Amazon Kindle. The Smashwords edition will also be available from iTunes and Barnes & Noble’s Nook store. The Amazon Kindle edition is available from Amazon in the US, the UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, [...]

‘Dear Monday…’ now available!

After a couple rounds of small fixes and edits, ‘Dear Monday…’ is all done! It is available now from CreateSpace; it will be on Amazon within the next few days. I am currently working on a couple of copy editing documents, so I may not get to update my web site right away. But it's done! [...]

Making progress on ‘Dear Monday…’

I just uploaded the files for ‘Dear Monday…’ for review. I will need to re-upload the cover file; otherwise, I am ready to order proofs. ‘Dear Monday…’ collects the first 365 entries in my ongoing series of letters to the days of the week. The image you see here is the front cover. I have purposely [...]

Sometimes I get things done

Lots of stuff going on these days—or it feels that way, at least… Today, the e-book editions (ePub and Kindle) of Journalism, my second collection of poetry, become available on Smashwords, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. On October 8th, I’ll be reading from both of my poetry collections at an open house at Shift Massage [...]

The Proof Is in the Printing

Yesterday, I finally got the proof for my forthcoming book. Because the Espresso Book Machine (EBM) at the University Book Store has been down for a few weeks (!), the proof was printed in Portland, on the EBM at Powell's. Consequently, it took two weeks instead of a couple of days (I'm sure the sudden [...]

Something I thought I should mention…

After twenty-seven years of keeping journals and two years of doing National Poetry Writing Month, I am preparing to publish my first collection of poetry, Separation Anxiety. I'm doing a print edition via the Espresso Book Machine at the University Book Store in Seattle, plus an e-book edition through Smashwords. (I haven't ruled out Amazon yet, [...]