Making progress on ‘Dear Monday…’

"Dear Monday…" book coverI just uploaded the files for ‘Dear Monday…’ for review. I will need to re-upload the cover file; otherwise, I am ready to order proofs.

‘Dear Monday…’ collects the first 365 entries in my ongoing series of letters to the days of the week.

The image you see here is the front cover. I have purposely kept it minimal, neither wanting to resort to the cliché of calendar imagery, nor wanting to pretend that it is a ‘normal’ book by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, when completing the information for bookstores and online retailers, I had to classify it as a personal memoir, as there were no other categories it really fit—and I did not want to have it show up as ‘non-classifiable’ (which is what it defaulted to).

In my mind, the book is a cross between a journal and an art project, requiring a lot on the part of the reader to make it work. Will it work as a book? I don’t know yet—but I have something else in mind if it doesn’t…

(18 April 2015)