National Poetry Writing Month, Day #10

Today’s prompt is to write a ‘book spine’ poem. This involves writing a poem using the titles of books on your bookshelf. My poem neatly divided itself into sections, based on where my books are shelved. Instead of numbering these sections, I have labelled them according to their approximate (relative) compass points. The book titles [...]

Sometimes I get things done

Lots of stuff going on these days—or it feels that way, at least… Today, the e-book editions (ePub and Kindle) of Journalism, my second collection of poetry, become available on Smashwords, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. On October 8th, I’ll be reading from both of my poetry collections at an open house at Shift Massage [...]

E-book update (Sometimes, things go smoothly…, part 2)

When I uploaded the e-book version of Separation Anxiety to Smashwords, the only version that I could be sure would look the way it was supposed to was the Kindle version. Both the iBooks reader and Adobe Digital Editions rendered the ePub file quite differently—and neither looked very good, quite frankly. Since the ePub file passed [...]

Sometimes, things go smoothly…

It now appears that I won't have my copies of the print edition of my first book, Separation Anxiety, until early August. The process was already going to take longer because the University Book Store's Espresso Book Machine (EBM) has been down for a while (meaning that they've had to send all their EBM print jobs to Powell's in [...]