National Poetry Writing Month, Day #10

Today’s prompt is to write a ‘book spine’ poem. This involves writing a poem using the titles of books on your bookshelf. My poem neatly divided itself into sections, based on where my books are shelved. Instead of numbering these sections, I have labelled them according to their approximate (relative) compass points. The book titles [...]

Self-Promotion: The Imperfect Document now on Amazon

It will be another week yet before I have printed copies to distribute myself, but my third collection of poems, The Imperfect Document, is now available on Amazon, in both paperback and Kindle formats: (If I have it set up correctly, people who buy the paperback on Amazon can get the Kindle e-book for free.) More [...]

Another Update: The Imperfect Document

Well! I have approved the proof, and the paperback edition of The Imperfect Document is now available on CreateSpace: (It will still take a few days before it goes live on Amazon proper.) The tricky part now will be for me to get some print copies to distribute myself. See, I had already ordered 30 copies [...]