E-book adventures, February 2017, Part 2


Update: After a brief exchange with the very helpful Kevin (also a poet) from Smashwords, I exercised the ‘nuclear option’—i.e., I saved my Word document as a plain text file, then re-applied all the formatting from scratch. It worked, so everything now looks the way it should. (As a precaution, I re-saved and uploaded the updated document to Amazon as well, so that the files will be consistent with each other.)

On the title thing, I chose to capitalize the only the first word. My updated file is now being reviewed, so I should know soon whether or not I have to do anything else.


(8 February 2017)


Quiet on the Outside e-book free this weekend

The e-book edition of Quiet on the Outside… was published one year ago today. To mark the occasion, I am making it available for free now through July 5th on Smashwords.

To get your copy, go to https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/555023. When prompted during checkout, enter the coupon code CM59V.

Happy reading!

(2 July 2016)

‘Dear Monday…’ e-book available!

"Dear Monday…" book cover‘Dear Monday…’, my collection of love notes to the days of the week, is available in e-book form from Smashwords (ePub/Kindle) and Amazon Kindle. Continue reading

Update: The Imperfect Document

I spent a good chunk of yesterday working on the Kindle edition of The Imperfect Document. The tricky part was getting the poem of the same name to look right in the Kindle previewer, since its impact partly relies on formatting. But, after two or three tries, I got it to look the way I wanted it to. Continue reading

E-book update (Sometimes, things go smoothly…, part 2)

When I uploaded the e-book version of Separation Anxiety to Smashwords, the only version that I could be sure would look the way it was supposed to was the Kindle version. Both the iBooks reader and Adobe Digital Editions rendered the ePub file quite differently—and neither looked very good, quite frankly. Since the ePub file passed the validation process, however, there wasn’t much I could do; I simply had to trust that it would work the way it was supposed to.
Continue reading