E-book adventures, February 2017, Part 2

  Update: After a brief exchange with the very helpful Kevin (also a poet) from Smashwords, I exercised the ‘nuclear option’—i.e., I saved my Word document as a plain text file, then re-applied all the formatting from scratch. It worked, so everything now looks the way it should. (As a precaution, I re-saved and uploaded the [...]

E-book adventures, February 2017

I am taking advantage of the snow day, and the current break in my copy-editing work, to generate and upload the e-book editions of …but for the thoughts running through my mind. It is turning out to be a pain… My main focus, typically, is on getting the Smashwords version done, since I can download both [...]

ART 53, day 62

This Is Fifty-three, day 62 Up at 3:30 this morning because I had pizza last night—but that’s another story. I am at the computer early because Smashwords notified me that my file required attention… Argh! The old size dilemma. One big problem I have with e-books is that there is not much consistency in the way [...]

ART 53, day 61

This Is Fifty-three, day 61 Working on the e-book edition today—which means working in Word (I really must check out Scrivener one of these days). Usually, I start on the e-book edition before I upload my files (at least, that is what my memory is telling me…)—but this time I made getting the print edition finished [...]

Quiet on the Outside e-book free this weekend

The e-book edition of Quiet on the Outside… was published one year ago today. To mark the occasion, I am making it available for free now through July 5th on Smashwords. To get your copy, go to https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/555023. When prompted during checkout, enter the coupon code CM59V. Happy reading! (2 July 2016)

Refusal to Remain Invisible—e-book available for pre-order now

Almost there! The Kindle e-book edition of Refusal to Remain Invisible is now available for pre-order on Amazon in the following territories: US UK Japan Germany France Italy Spain Canada Mexico Australia India Netherlands Brazil For you Smashwords fans (and anyone who just wants to avoid Amazon), here is the Smashwords link for the e-book in your [...]

Quiet on the Outside… Now Available

My latest collection of poems, Quiet on the Outside Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Quiet on the Inside, is now available online. The paperback edition is available from Amazon, while the e-book edition is available from Smashwords, Amazon, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble’s Nook store. The links can be found on my web site at http://www.kevinjoconner.com/quiet-on-the-outside/. (6 July 2015)

‘Dear Monday…’ e-book available!

‘Dear Monday…’, my collection of love notes to the days of the week, is available in e-book form from Smashwords (ePub/Kindle) and Amazon Kindle. The Smashwords edition will also be available from iTunes and Barnes & Noble’s Nook store. The Amazon Kindle edition is available from Amazon in the US, the UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, [...]

E-book update (Sometimes, things go smoothly…, part 2)

When I uploaded the e-book version of Separation Anxiety to Smashwords, the only version that I could be sure would look the way it was supposed to was the Kindle version. Both the iBooks reader and Adobe Digital Editions rendered the ePub file quite differently—and neither looked very good, quite frankly. Since the ePub file passed [...]