Update: The Imperfect Document

I spent a good chunk of yesterday working on the Kindle edition of The Imperfect Document. The tricky part was getting the poem of the same name to look right in the Kindle previewer, since its impact partly relies on formatting. But, after two or three tries, I got it to look the way I wanted it to.

So, the Kindle edition is now available for pre-ordering on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00UGSXKNK, with March 16th set as the release date. When the paperback goes up on Amazon (more on that below), the Kindle e-book will be available for free to those who purchase the print edition from Amazon.

In the process of preparing the e-book edition, I discovered a few imperfections (a/k/a typos) that I had missed when checking the proofs, so I also made those corrections and re-uploaded the interior file. This will delay the availability of the print edition slightly; I expect it will probably be up on Amazon somewhere around March 25th.

At this point, unless I have managed to still miss some truly egregious error, I do not intend to tinker further with the book. When I worked as a translator in the late eighties, we used to joke that if we looked at a piece of writing an infinite number of times, we would find an infinite number of things to change. I have no interest in going down that road. For now, I just have the Smashwords edition to complete, and then the project is done.

(10 March 2015)

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