ART 53, day 61

This Is Fifty-three, day 61

Working on the e-book edition today—which means working in Word (I really must check out Scrivener one of these days).

Usually, I start on the e-book edition before I upload my files (at least, that is what my memory is telling me…)—but this time I made getting the print edition finished my main priority, since the color edition involved so much work. So, I did not get to the e-book until today…

…and, of course, I found three small errors—every one a missing letter, and every one involving unusual text (e.g., text placed on its side, and extra-small text). Considering that I have been working with two editions of the book, that is actually pretty good. Granted, zero mistakes would be better, but I have seen books (and other printed material) from major publishers and other companies with far worse problems, so I am not making a big deal out of it. Besides, all I have to do is upload corrected files (which I am doing as I type this), and (with the possible exception of another mis-flagged ‘problem’ that can be ‘corrected’ without me having to do anything) that should be the end of it.

As for the e-book, it is going to resemble the stripped-down print edition more than it is the full-color edition, except that I will be able to include color versions of the few images it uses. Too many images results in larger file sizes, basically.

Anyway, I am hoping to have the e-book done later this week.

(6 September 2016)