12/31/2014: Where I’m at

I’ve already done a year-in-review post, so I’m going to skip re-hashing 2014 again. Instead, I’ll just attempt to summarize where things stand right now.

I spent the first part of this last day of the year 2014 at the nearest VW dealership, getting my car serviced. The engine had been idling a bit rough for a couple of weeks, and then one of the indicator lights in the dash came on a couple of times, so I figured I had better get it looked at while it was still a minor problem. It was a relatively minor problem, but I still had to get a new ignition coil and spark plug wires, setting me back almost a thousand bucks. Ouch. Fortunately, the long-ish wait (almost three hours) gave me a chance to read one of the many books that have been sitting in my to-read pile for a while, Ksenia Anske’s Rosehead.

Anyway, where am I now compared to one year ago?

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