Heresy (a poem)

Presented without comment… I Sometimes I don’t know what to do with you I have such high hopes for you if only you’d open up It’s okay to let go II The one true religion the narrow field of vision the cracks are showing in your once shiny, smooth façade You’re falling into disrepair the [...]

‘Did you find everything you needed?’ (a poem)

My latest musings on an oddly quiet Tuesday morning… Whenever someone asks me that I know they’re talking about the contents of my grocery basket My answer is usually ‘yes’ unless they were out of my favorite yogurt or something If I were to take the question at face value my answer would be very [...]

Unbroken (a poem)

Inspired by the ‘Broken’ episode of House… ‘I’m sick of life being interesting.’ Her sigh of resignation reverberated throughout the tiny space as she bowed her head and closed her eyes ‘When I came here, I was happy—now I’m not.’ Her eyes filled with tears her breath stuttered The room grew thick with the silence of disappointment [...]

You Must Follow the Rules

There are rules.ThereareRULES.Be this.Don't be that.Remember this.Forget that.YOU must compensate.YOU must capitulate.YOU must change the way you are.YOU are accountable.YOU must atone for the wrongs of your kind.YOU must remember that YOU have everything.Everything is stacked in YOUR favor.It is YOUR fault.Stop it. (27 July 2013) 

National Poetry Writing Month: Day #9 (April 9, 2013)

Today's prompt: a poem inspired by noir. I'm not so impressed with the result, but I'll leave that for the reader to judge… Shadows crept across the wall "It was a dark and stormy night…" I heard the rainfall saw its pock-marked shadows against the light The music told a story Dark. Mean. Dramatic. All grit [...]