The apprentice’s predilection for surrealistic fiction and Earl Grey (a poem)

Following the January 3rd prompt from Kelli Russell Agodon and Martha Silano: three stanzas—the first including an unusual color; the second, an bizarre book title; and the third, a scientific fact. I found sinoper on Mental Floss, made up the book title, and alluded to a scientific fact without actually stating one. The poem is written [...]

I am surviving (a poem)

A shadorma that I feel better about. Earlier this week, a woman named Deborah Danner was killed by New York police responding to a 911 call from her neighbors. Ms. Danner had schizophrenia; it seems likely she was having some sort of episode related to her illness. Yesterday, the New York Times ran an editorial about her, in [...]

A small request for the next woman to love me, if you are out there somewhere (a poem)

A shadorma on a much better day. Partly inspired by The Matrix Reloaded. Are the shapes you and I will make together part of our destiny? You may not have such questions I can’t avoid them We are a study in contrasts your world there my world here You find joy in everything I find mine in doubt [...]