A bad place to be stuck at night (a poem)

A shadorma about a couple of tunnels near Mercer Street in Seattle. The tunnel walls have thick black streaks left by cars swerving wide as they navigate the curve at too fast a speed The yellow tile reminds me of school bathrooms in first grade There are always squares missing what happened to them? The eerie glow [...]

Abstract: The impossible relationship between love and spinning wheels (a poem)

This shadorma came out of a dream I had this morning, in which I heard Don Henley sing the line I hid it to keep spinning the wheel. I started out writing a poem with that line (split into two lines), but it wasn’t working, so I started over, using the line purely as a reference. Reminders [...]

A night at the coffee shop (a poem)

An ekphrastic poem, written in shadorma form, inspired by Peter Juvonen’s The Jester’s Dream. On a night filled with dice and wine the jester scans the room for friendly faces amidst checkerboard parquet But all eyes look in sideways glance where maybe hides answers in disguise as cabernet and party people In a room of empty faces the [...]