National Poetry Writing Month: Day #24 (April 24, 2014)

Today’s entry combines prompts from Kelli Russell Agodon‘s list:

Write a poem that has the word ‘love’ in it somewhere. You cannot use the word ‘love’ by itself; it must be hidden (such as in the word ‘glove’, or in two words, like ‘halo venom’.


Write a poem that begins with the word ‘I‘. [Never a problem for me, it seems]


[W]rite a poem that features walls, bricks, stones, arches, or the like.

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These walls

In the morning
I am here
Sounds of life rush in
through open windows
I am reminded
there’s more to life
outside these walls

I cannot see them
They have no shape,
no form,
no mass,
but they exist
I feel their presence
I’ve built these walls

(5 May 2013)