The apprentice’s predilection for surrealistic fiction and Earl Grey (a poem)

Following the January 3rd prompt from Kelli Russell Agodon and Martha Silano: three stanzas—the first including an unusual color; the second, an bizarre book title; and the third, a scientific fact. I found sinoper on Mental Floss, made up the book title, and alluded to a scientific fact without actually stating one. The poem is written in shadorma form.

sat on the canvas
in silence
a marker
for the painter to begin
where he had left off

The Death of
Hank Neutron’s Goldfish
was the last
book he’d bought
He’d been immersed in that world
for the last few days

The boiling
points of elements
made the plot
a bit dry
but not enough to keep him
from making more tea

(3 January 2017)