A small epiphany on a Wednesday afternoon under the trees (a poem)

Sometimes an ordinary action gets me thinking all philosophical-like. What’s up with that?

On those days I feel like giving it all away
I manage to find something worth holding on to
Not so much as remnants of the past
but as part of the living present
things that remind me why I’m glad to be alive
no matter what the difficulties of the day
may have to throw at me

I might even go so far as to say
they remind me of what’s still important
not by shouting or posturing
but by their quiet presence
as truth that does not insist upon its rightness
but asks only to be recognized
and, when necessary, acted upon

This is when I realize
that not everything I carry with me is a burden
mere accumulation of spiritual debris
In fact, lists and nomenclature are unnecessary exercises
misdirections of useful energy
distractions from what really matters
It is better to let my companions accompany me

(23 September 2015)