Ill-fitting disguise (a poem)

I just started watching this Japanese series, Fujiko, on Hulu. A couple of moments got me going on this…

Somebody likened that thought to murder
I always thought it was more like
a case of mistaken identity
or a disguise

A railroad crossing signal
a foot caught between the rail and the pavement
shoes tied too tight

Every drum punch
a shot to the face
to be taken
because it hurts too much
if you don’t

Blood pulses
every second of the day

You’d think the heart would grow tired—
or maybe it does but it keeps on going
because what else is it going to do?

I once thought
The End of the World
was bleak

Now I know
we haven’t seen the worst yet

Somebody likened that thought to genocide
I thought it was just no future
like the one we won’t have
when we die
that ill-fitting disguise

(30 December 2016)