Random thoughts, December 2016 (a poem)

Perhaps not literary excellence, but this is what I came up with today…

Everyone secretly cheered
when Sigourney Weaver and Rick Moranis
got together in Ghostbusters

Harold Ramis wasn’t going to loosen up enough
to get it on with Annie Potts

Bill Murray and Zuul were never going to happen

and Ernie Hudson got Christ—but no love interest

Only Dan Aykroyd saw any action—
blown by a ghost (off-camera)

I realize I am seeing things out of order
but I was already 40 episodes in
by the time I figured that out

I never saw any of them the first time around
I didn’t see the point of going beyond the original series

I wonder how that guy in the Discover commercial
feels about having his lines dubbed by Matt Frewer

Should he be upset?
Or should he be all I’m Matt-freakin’-Frewer!

Hulu keeps asking me
which ‘ad experience’ I prefer

What happens to the two I don’t choose?

It took me 48 years
to finally get the joke behind
‘you’re out of your Vulcan mind!’

What else have I been missing?

(6 December 2016)

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