Sickbed slumber #4 (a poem)

Almost better—just one day, maybe two, to go…

I should light the candles on the table
There’s no atmosphere to create tonight
but might still look nice
the dim light flickering in the dark

The cat sleeping on my chest keeps me warm
the damp cloth on my forehead keeps the fever down
the cup of coffee will just have to grow cold
I won’t be getting up for a while

This couch is my base for the duration
where I will eat, sleep, and try to stay warm
awake at odd hours in between odd dreams
trying to get the pillows just right

When I get stir crazy I’ll open the curtains
for the morning sun to come inside
put on the kettle, have some tea
feel the light on my face

I should get a little more sleep
perhaps the morning fog will be gone
and I can watch my breath
in the morning air

(10 January 2016—posted January 11th)