The death of the Grand Dame (A poem)

Attempting to form a tribute from a jumble of impressions on a very long day…

It snowed in Lithuania today
they’ve got aerial photos for proof
In fact, it seems colder just about everywhere
the skies gone cloudless for the prettiest star

Three years ago, wandering the streets of Germantown
we’d no idea where we were
only a sense of something lost
on that grey winter afternoon

While in the distance
the song with all the strange shapes
played on a radio somewhere
they may have found gravitational waves

Bela Lugosi was long since dead
but that hadn’t come up for a while
like Lazarus, you would soon return
the next day to disappear

The Grand Dame is with us no more
the news broke early this morn
Fifty years spent burning the trail
to fade into a blackstar

(11 January 2016)