Sauvignon Blanc (a poem)

Lots of fragments and random stuff last night… 1 Forget about whatever you heard the dance is never going to happen What she’s missing cannot be replaced what you’ve lost you’ve lost 2 Settle the proposition with a firm decision Maybe it’s our destiny 3 I can’t tell you that’s what happened especially if I’m [...]

My ambition, the great mystery (a poem)

Today’s Writer’s Digest April PAD Challenge prompt is to take the phrase, My (blank), the (blank), fill in the blanks to create the title of the poem, then write the poem. I combined this prompt with the terzanelle from the other day… I have often been told that I don’t seem concerned enough to take action bold, as [...]

NaPoWriMo 2015, Day 5: Political Science (c. 2015) (a poem)

Today’s prompt is a bit tricky. It involves taking an Emily Dickinson poem, stripping out all the line breaks, re-breaking the lines, and adding and subtracting words. I chose to use her poem The World is not Conclusion, turning it into a commentary on the current state of American politics… This world has no conclusion we [...]

Morning pages (a poem)

I have been doing The Artist’s Way for the last couple of years (this is my third time around). One of the practices is the morning pages, in which you just write three pages of whatever comes out. As I have become more diligent about pursuing creative activities, I have slacked off on the morning [...]

Cold Thursday morning (a poem)

Catching up with my posts. This was Thursday’s poem… Yesterday was cold and dark time seemed to stretch interminably like the second hand on the clock moving backwards in Risky Business or an afternoon of nothing but setting the clocks back an hour for standard time Today I’m keeping warmer as I make my way through [...]

Questions about storytime (a poem)

Wrote this during one of the many folk songs people played at open mic earlier… Are people really as sad as the songs they sing? Tonight we’re here and we’re together what more do we need? What stories do our emotions tell when we let them out at night? Do they embellish what they tell [...]

A bunch of questions and answers for no particular reason

I recently found some lists of questions posted by people on Tumblr. I guess the idea is that the people who see the posts then choose one or more questions to ask of the person who posted them. I didn’t feel like doing that, so I just did a quick copy-and-paste into a Word document… How [...]