Sauvignon Blanc (a poem)

Lots of fragments and random stuff last night…

Forget about whatever you heard
the dance is never going to happen
What she’s missing cannot be replaced
what you’ve lost you’ve lost

Settle the proposition
with a firm decision
Maybe it’s our destiny

I can’t tell you that’s what happened
especially if I’m home alone
What you’ve told me
must remain a secret

Expect disposition on their terms, not yours
The figurehead has certain responsibilities
if you think we can live up to them…
‘Try me’, you keep saying

Do you believe me?
Do you believe in me?
If you did, you might love me
is it too much to ask you to love me?

Whisper to me
Whisper in my ear
Whisper me your secrets
Love me

Love me…

(9 July 2015—posted July 10)