NaPoWriMo 2015, Day 5: Political Science (c. 2015) (a poem)

Today’s prompt is a bit tricky. It involves taking an Emily Dickinson poem, stripping out all the line breaks, re-breaking the lines, and adding and subtracting words. I chose to use her poem The World is not Conclusion, turning it into a commentary on the current state of American politics…

This world has no conclusion we can know
Our species stands invisible, as music—
but defiantly positive in the face
of that sound and fury signifying nothing
as it beckons and baffles

Philosophy? I don’t know…
Through riddles, double talk, and second guesses
sagacity must but go
To lure it back, men of vision and will
invite the contempt of generations

And crucifixion? Always shown
Faith slips, and laughs, and rallies
blushes that any might see
grasps at the merest fragments of evidence
and asks a vane the way

Charlatans gesture wildly from false pulpits
strong Hallelujahs roll over core constituents—
but even narcotics cannot still the jagged teeth
gnashing ferociously at the troubled souls
of the faithful…

(5 April 2015)

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