A bunch of questions and answers for no particular reason

I recently found some lists of questions posted by people on Tumblr. I guess the idea is that the people who see the posts then choose one or more questions to ask of the person who posted them. I didn’t feel like doing that, so I just did a quick copy-and-paste into a Word document…

How do you like your coffee/tea?
Coffee: iced, unsweetened, with whole milk. Tea: unsweetened, leave the teabag in the cup

Do you always say please and thank you?
Whenever possible.

What is your preferred form of creative expression?
Writing and/or photography.

What was the most profound thing that someone has ever said to you?
Brené Brown pointed out that the two things the media are really good at are telling us what to be afraid of, and who is to blame. (She didn’t say this specifically to me, but I was in the audience at the time she said it.)

What’s your favorite thing about your favorite season?
I like the part of spring where the weather starts to become warm and sunny, and everything seems to come alive.

Do you like to watch reality television shows?
Hell’s Kitchen and Big Brother.

Have you ever been to California?
Several times.

What color eyes do you have?

What’s your favorite classic novel?
That would probably be 1984.

When was the last time you went to an amusement park?
The year my ex and I went to the Evergreen State Fair. 2007?

What’s one of your earliest memories?
Going to a store in Arizona with my parents and buying a Tonka truck.

What was the last thing you took a picture of?
The light in my kitchen.

Are you a cat or dog person?

What was the last book you read and what did you think of it?
I’m halfway through The War of Art; so far, it’s quite good. The last book I finished was The Art of Asking, by Amanda Palmer. It should be required reading for everybody.

Did you ever make any mixtapes?
Dozens and dozens. My specialty was incorporating snippets from movies and TV shows in between songs. Unfortunately, I made most of the best mixes for my friends…

Who’s your favorite female vocalist?
KatieJane Garside.

Who’s your favorite male vocalist?
David Sylvian.

Do you consider yourself more introverted or extroverted?
Very introverted.

Do you plan on moving within the next year?

How many times have you moved in your life?

Do you actually get along with your siblings?
I don’t have any.

How tall are you? Would you like to be taller/shorter?
Five feet ten and a half. I’m okay with my height.

At what age would you like to have kids?
About 20 years ago.

What was the last thing you cooked/baked?
I cooked a ham and some yams in the crock pot.

What are your initials?

What is something you discovered recently?
Where I put my favorite scissors.

What did you want to be when you were a kid? Any special reason?
I wanted to be a musician. Girls.

Do you consider yourself a good driver?

How do you like you’ll die? [sic]
I don’t. I don’t want to miss anything.

When was the last time you cried and why?
July. It was long overdue.

Do you care much for what people think of you?
I’m too busy working on how I feel about myself to worry much about what other people think.

What was the last thing you did that was out of your comfort zone?
I read my poetry in front of a room full of people.

What size shoe do you wear?
10.5 wide

When was the last time you made blanket/pillow fort?
I don’t know that I’ve ever made one.

What is your favorite kind of candy?
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (or Hershey with Almonds with peanut butter on it).

* * * * * * * * * *

What color(s) are your socks?
One black, one white.

What book are you currently reading?
I have several books in various states of completion.

What’s the weather like right now?

Were you named after anyone?
Not that I’m aware of.

Bullet your whole day so far.
• Got up
• Fed cats
• Ate a bowl of cereal
• Went back to sleep on sofa
• Watched TV (House on DVD)
• Got up again
• Checked social media
• Went to Safeway to buy coffee and milk
• Went to Walgreens to buy Excedrin
• Answered these questions

Do you play any instruments?
Depends on how you look at it. I’ve never really learned to properly play anything. If I had to choose an instrument, though, I would say synthesizer.

What is your religion?

What was the last comic book you read?
The Fantastical Misadventures of Tony James (Healthy Bunch Comics, Nov. 2014)

Do you believe in love at first sight?

State 5 facts about yourself.
• I do a lot of things that people compliment me for, but I haven’t figured out how to make money from doing them.
• I have two cats
• I fall in love too easily
• I used to be married
• I’d rather be somebody else

State 5 facts about your best friend.
I don’t know who that is right now.

State 5 facts about your appearance.
• I have one of those salt-and-pepper beards
• I wear glasses
• My stomach is a bit large for the rest of my body
• I favor casual clothing
• I keep my hair very short

State 5 facts about your hometown.
• It has changed quite a lot over the last few years (gentrification)
• Traffic is horrible
• I don’t live there anymore
• People pay too much attention to sports (Seahawks)
• The tunnel is doomed

Do you think you’d make a good parent?

Would you ever consider adopting kids?

What’s a strange memory from your childhood?
The time in jr. high we were playing with an Ouija board.

Do you think cheaters (in relationships) deserve a second chance?
In most cases, no

Do you find the last person you texted attractive?
I don’t know who that was

Would you date the last person you texted?
I don’t know who that was

How did you meet your boyfriend/girlfriend?
Don’t have one

Name all of your siblings.
Don’t have any

Do you have a good relationship with your siblings?
Don’t have any

Do you have a good relationship with your parents?

What was the last CD you bought?
Brian Eno—Nerve Net

Do you own any vinyl records?

How many songs do you have on your iPod/music device?

Turn on shuffle; what are the first 5 songs that come up?
• The Doobie Brothers—Black Water
• Was (Not Was)—Elvis’ Rolls-Royce
• Corps Electriques [Hector Zazou & KatieJane Garside]—Apostrophe
• Freddie Prinze—Crime
• Queen Adreena—Soda Dreamer

Do you have/want any tattoos?
Have: no. Want: maybe

How many piercings do you have?

Can you sing?
Not very well

Do you consider yourself a good student?
I am excellent at school. It it were possible to be a student for a living, I would be set for life.

What’s a favorite movie someone else introduced you to?
Don’t remember—although I didn’t watch Die Hard with a Vengeance until I’d read that Brian Eno liked it. (Die Hard 2 was so bad that I had no interest.)

Do you know anyone your age who’s had a kid already?

What is your heritage?
Finnish, Irish, Slavic, possibly some other European stuff

Do you like where you live? Where would you move?
Yes. Places I would consider: Port Townsend, Bellingham, somewhere in Oregon or Maine. Outside the USA: Vancouver B.C., Kanazawa (Japan), a rural location in the UK.

How long is your hair?
Maybe half-inch at most

What was the last thing you drew?
Some weird layered shape

Are you the type to make lists?
Not so much

What’s your morning routine like?
I wake up, go feed cats, then go back to sleep on the sofa

Were you involved in sports in school?
In my senior year, I was assistant manager on the baseball team. Otherwise, no.

Who is/was your favorite teacher?
Ms. Moore.

Did you ever have to wear braces?

What are things you do when you’re nervous?
Watch TV/movies. Write. Drink. Sleep.

(28 December 2014)