My ambition, the great mystery (a poem)

Today’s Writer’s Digest April PAD Challenge prompt is to take the phrase, My (blank), the (blank), fill in the blanks to create the title of the poem, then write the poem. I combined this prompt with the terzanelle from the other day…

I have often been told
that I don’t seem concerned
enough to take action bold,

as if bridges unburned
are such small things
that I don’t seem concerned.

There’s more to life than grasping at rings;
unimportant things that shine
are such small things

as to be no concern of mine.
‘What will you do?’ they ask.
Unimportant things that shine

are not worthy of the task;
my efforts must have real meaning.
‘What will you do?’ they ask,

as though I were merely dreaming.
I have often been told
my efforts must have real meaning—
enough to take action bold…

(20 April 2015)