Three stanzas about my hat (a poem)

Bonus round! For some reason, the phrase ‘I’ve got a hat’ popped into my head. I decided to challenge myself to make that the subject of a poem, resulting in this…

It’s Irish, handmade
I don’t know the style
or the occasion
but it suits me
on a cold winter day
when I’ve just cut my hair
and I don’t want
to go out alone

It marks me, possibly
as a man of a certain age
beyond that which
I might otherwise appear
On Tuesdays
it will get me
a ten percent discount
at the Thriftway

It has no special powers
beyond what it says
about my tastes
and propensity for contemplation
that pours itself out
on the page
if for no other reason
than it has to

(6 January 2017)

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