Poetry Marathon 2016, Hour Twelve: Stipulations for receiving

Twelfth poem of the day. I followed the prompt, which was to write a poem using at least five of the following words: moon, lake, glory, jeep, breastbone, spare, canopy, panic. This means I am officially done with the half marathon. Depending on how I feel after I come back from tonight’s reading, I may try to add a couple more. If I don’t, good night!

Don’t panic
You may feel that there’s not a minute to spare
but the moon is not bound by your constraints

If you cannot hear her whispers at midnight
do not be alarmed
she has not deserted you

She will not reveal herself before you’re ready

The wait may be agonizing
but she will not appear before you a moment sooner
not until the lake is ripe to receive her

Then her reflected glory will be your reward
only then will you understand
the emblem on her breastbone serves a purpose

This will not be revealed

Simply accept that she is here for you
and act accordingly

(13 August 2016)

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