Alphabet Poem #26

The Z poem. Another tricky one, until I remembered a German phrase I happened upon years ago… Zeit ist kostbar 1 One thousand times sixty times sixty times twenty-four times three hundred sixty-five times… That is the question, isn’t it? 2 I remember an afternoon in Tucson store shelves and a Tonka truck a memory clouded over [...]

Alphabet Poem #25

The Y poem. Yellow Magic Orchestra Clusters form in fields of sound bound to the electron the string and the drum pulsing forth from diaphragms moving air Wavelengths and waveforms exist side by side in artificial spaces Temperatures rise and dissipate in beads of sweat Electrons explode in symphonies of revolution where coast meets ocean Their [...]

Alphabet Poem #19

The S poem. Sink—Submerge—Surrender Sink The slow slide seems sudden Water rises completing the illusion Were it not for the chill I would barely feel the damp Submerge Fluid lines obscure the space breathing out…in…out…in until the waves tire then subside Surrender I have resisted afraid of giving in of letting go but I must accept [...]