Alphabet Poem #26

The Z poem. Another tricky one, until I remembered a German phrase I happened upon years ago…

Zeit ist kostbar

One thousand times
sixty times
sixty times

twenty-four times
three hundred sixty-five times…

That is the question, isn’t it?

I remember
an afternoon in Tucson
store shelves
and a Tonka truck

a memory
clouded over long ago

by the law
of diminishing returns

There’s always the matter
of elasticity

experienced every day
but spoken of only in terms of theory
and whispers

Watches always irritated the skin
on my wrist

Fortunately, I developed
a good sense of time without one

Tension dissipates from springs
batteries—and people—die

but the count goes on

(26 November 2016—edited slightly November 27th)

One thought on “Alphabet Poem #26

  1. Amazing poem here, I am torn between worshiping number 2 and number 4, but your poem by itself makes me want the numbers to worship me.

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