ART 53 redux

This Is Fifty-three redux

Taking a break in the action (I am between passes on a copy-editing job at the moment) to do a couple of things with the color edition…


Having determined that the darker colors, with occasional legibility problems on one of the pages, are the CreateSpace norm for this particular book, I have submitted the book to IngramSpark, taking advantage of their September/October special to get the book set up with them for free.

The files are currently under review; when the opportunity arises, I plan to order a printed proof from them. Depending on how things look with that proof, I will either attempt any necessary adjustments, or rethink the color edition. For now, I have to find out if I can get better results with IngramSpark (I hear that their interior pages have somewhat better print quality).

In the meantime, the book may disappear from Amazon for the time being (it will still be available through the CreateSpace eStore).

Stay tuned…

(11 October 2016)