An autumn afternoon in Seattle (a poem)

Spacing out at the library after working on a copy-editing job…

According to my computer screen
I have Very Finnish Problems

or maybe it’s just SAD
(not sure if it’s the disorder or the campaign-tweet interjection)

If the former is true
I have 25% Finnish problems

the rest is that part of the year
where we can’t see the mountain—

which means it’s raining
(if you can see the mountain, it’s going to rain)

All I know is that leaves cover the lawn
in a pointillist yellow, brown, burnt sienna, and orange

the local stations are forecasting
the third ‘storm of the century’ this week

and I still can’t get from Mercer Street
to the floating bridge in less than twenty minutes

So I stare out the window
remembering a time

when sitting in the parking lot at Renton Airport
to watch the planes take off was a thing

(29 November 2016)