Observation: We’re going to get old (a poem)

Bonus round! This is apparently what happens when I spend the day watching documentaries about well-known figures…

You’re going to get old;
there’s nothing I can do to save you.

Moles and freckles will darken;
wrinkles will form and deepen;

skin will drop and separate.

Your voice will develop scratches
like an old, mistreated LP—
or a well-loved 45.

The hair you’ve cared for with love
all your life will shed its color.

The glint in your eyes will dim;
the face that stares back at you from the mirror will blur.

Hands will shake of their own accord.

Those hard times we suffered through together
will wear the disguise of the ‘good old days’,

because it’ll be too hard to bear the thought
that the breaking down was what we had to look forward to.

Meanwhile, half our conversations
will be about people who have just died.

We’re going to get old;
there’s nothing I can do to save us.

All I know is that I’m afraid to go first—
but I don’t want to live without you.

(15 October 2016)

One thought on “Observation: We’re going to get old (a poem)

  1. I like the ending of this poem. I try not to think about aging and in fact, studies have revealed if you believe you are young, then your body and mind will believe it and it will slow down aging.

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