The dream I had last night didn’t find its way into this poem the way I wanted it to (a poem)

I had this dream in mind from last night, but couldn’t find a place for it here…

Get there before it’s too late
the road is sludge, so it’s a hard, hard slog
but each step follows the last step
splashing mud everywhere
Good thing clean clothes aren’t that important
it’s the work, always the work
the thing that keeps me going
whether or not there’s enough to go around
I hope I might find what I’m looking for
or something more, given enough time

Hell, I’d be happy to not have to bang my head against the gate
demanding to be let in, like some frightened dog
feeling stranded in place, surrounded by unsprung traps
looking for ways to make someone care
To get through the day, I have to remain reticent
to keep my head around ignorants and jerks
and the ugly things they insist on doing
I am lost—I want to be found
I want to walk through that door
welcomed with open arms this time

The calendar page is only a date
the sleep in my eyes is a thick, soupy fog
I have to move slowly, so as not to lose my step
if I’m to make it anywhere
But if dreams came true, I’d take that one in an instant
the one where my desires no longer lurk
where everything I’m doing
gets me closer to the sweet, sweet sound
surprises me like never before
and I never have to worry about time

(12 June 2016)