Illusional (a poem)

Inspired by a photograph by @helenina on ello.

Grains on the paper
pixels on the screen
silver and grey
black to white
and everywhere in between
to paint those eyes
looking out at me
everything in just the right place
but for that one stray hair
on the right side of your face

fixed and crystallized
in detail
in the contours of your face
and everywhere in between
reflected in those eyes
looking out at me
but seeing the lamp on the table
an off-center square in each pupil
among the grains of silver that make up your face

I’m in love with a face in a photograph
staring at me pensively
stirring some kind of longing
inside of me
and everywhere in between
from behind those eyes
looking out at me
dispensing with matters of time and space
but for the reflection in those eyes
drawing my gaze to your face

(4 January 2017)

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