National Poetry Writing Month, Day #28

Today’s prompt is to write a poem that tells a story backwards. I did that, sort of—I wrote my poem, then reversed the order of the lines (making a couple of small adjustments in the process)…

I can feel the answers to questions I still don’t know…

Even though I knew it was wrong
for so long I have said nothing
It’s as though there’s no other way
when I give in to temptations

I resort to the same things I always do
because I never felt I belonged
I could never find the words to say

Sometimes it feels so wrong to miss you
I remember the day I went away

Sometimes I still sink so low
but I no longer suffer from a broken heart
listening to those songs
There was no going anywhere
the way I felt today

I would have been better off with a hangover

(27 April 2016—posted April 28th)


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